Sunday, July 1, 2012

More sweet crochet

Remember this post? I forgot to show you all the finished cupcake. So here it is.

Whenever N. asks me to make something for her, I let her choose the color combination and the style. She's never asked for anything crazy yet, thankfully. Even though I'm making it, I want her to start thinking about the colors and how they go together. And I want her to be able to make her own choices (within reason).

But sometimes I feel like I'm creating a little monster, she's become so particular about clothes and shoes...

What about you? How much choice do you think younger children should be able to have in their daily life? Is it different in the domain of aesthetics?


  1. How cute! As a child, I didn't ever pick what colours I could wear. It's funny because my mom would never buy red clothes for us because of her own aversion toward the colour. I actually JUST started wearing red last year finally

  2. Since I love clothes myself I enjoy when my boys chooses their own outfits, they are good at it (especially my youngest seem to have "the touch") and seem to have an eye for color combinations. So I really don't mind if they prefer one thing over another, I like it! :-)

    Cute cupcake!

  3. This is simply adorable my friend...oh if I could only crochet!!! I love the little face. Hugs for a perfectly wonderful day. xoxoxoxo