Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Easy scarf and headband }{ Knitting

Remember the scarf I mentioned back in September? I realized I never shared the finished product with you. I added some pockets at the end of the scarf in a simple way, made this headband, and added a bright flower to the headband. I quite like it and decided it was worth sharing the pattern for it.


  • Size US 13 knitting needles 
  • Bulky yarn
I didn't measure the gauge because I feel like scarves are so flexible. It's really up to you to decide what feels most comfortable in terms of width and length. So follow these instructions with the caveat that length and width can and should be adjusted to fit you and your taste.

What I did:

  1. Cast on 14 stitches (this is where you would adjust the width - anywhere between 10 and 18, with 10 being very, very thin)
  2. Rows 1-12: knit straight through
  3. Row 13: purl
  4. Row 14: knit
  5. Row 15: purl
  6. Row 16: knit
  7. Rows 17-28: purl
  8. Row 29: knit
  9. Row 30: purl
  10. Row 31: knit
  11. Row 32: purl
  12. Repeat rows 1-32 until you're satisfied with the length.
  13. Once it's as long as you want it, repeat it one more time (to have enough scarf for pockets). Bind off and weave loose yarn. Fold both ends on their wrong sides, just enough to form two pockets that fit your hands. Sew the sides and turn them right side out. 

I'd share a self-portrait wearing them but the Dragon doesn't let me sleep enough, or wear clothes long enough without spitting up to allow for a decent photo. Maybe soon.

How are you keeping warm this Fall? 


  1. That yarn is such a beautiful mix of fall and winter colors. So nice for this time of year! Looks cozy too.

  2. The flower is a really nice touch and a fun pop of colour